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Drawing Of Your Dog


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I've been nervous to do it (and still am) but I'm opening up a limited number of commission slots for original pen and ink drawings on Bristol board (the drawing itself will be about 8cm tall on a 21cm x 21cm piece of paper (these are little drawings)). I've been drawing dogs for a long time now but I can count on one hand the number of commissions I've accepted (and one of those was for Meghan Markle, via my local rape crisis centre, Survivors' Network) so this is a rare chance.

At the moment it's just dogs in my cartooning style. I can either draw one dog, two dogs, or three dogs, and you can have text or no text. You will choose the text, and you can either write it yourself, or use the text from any of my pre-existing cartoons or written works.

If you want something besides this, like a group of dogs drawn, or you want to put the drawing to something other than personal use (i.e. you want to use it as a logo or something), please get in touch in my Instagram DMs to discuss a different rate.

To make this work with my anxiety and to make sure you get what you want, there's a little process:

1) You buy this item.
2) I email you at the address you put in while paying.
3) I provide examples of the sort of reference photos I'll need (I basically need one, or more photos of the dog(s) in question, taken at dog nose level, from 1-2 meters away, ensuring that no part of the dog is obscured or cropped).
4) You provide the reference photos and your chosen text.
5) I do the drawing, sign it, and post it to you.

BUT: If, at stage 4, you are unable to provide photos that I can draw from, or I decide that the text you've chosen is offensive, or I have a panic attack, I will refund you the full amount.

AND: The whole process may take a while. I'd allow 2-5 weeks. So, don't purchase one for a birthday that's a week away.

(I'm not doing the best sales job here; I think my nerves might be coming across.)